Direct Mail




Direct mail seems to have fallen out of favor with car washes with many people hearing mailings don’t work or trying them and not liking the results.

Yes, postage costs are a problem so you have to be smart about your approach.

In general, we find that using oversized postcards—typically 6 x 9—and giving away your best wash are keys to success.  Discounted washes and basic wash giveaways show poor results and rarely recoup the postage costs.

Many car washes use the opportunity to offer a significant discount off the first month of a monthly wash plan or other promos tied to monthly plans.  This has proved effective too.

The key is to capture data on your customers when they redeem the postcard and build the relationship from there.

We can provide you with complete mailing services-design, printing, mailing and presort services. (Presorted mail gets you postage discounts). We can also provide you with lists. Typically residents within a radius of two miles of your car wash is best, but larger radii are worth testing. We generally prefer personalized mailings but the added expense may not be worth it unless your offer is significant.