Complete direct mail services for your car wash

While targeted, digital marketing is a powerful tool, direct mail can be an effective tactic if you know how to execute it. Wolford Communications has decades of experience in personalized direct mail marketing.

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Direct mail works if you can capture attention, capture data, and make your best offer. Many customers are immune to generic junk mail. But we’ve found that using oversized postcards, personalized messaging, and giving away your best wash are the keys to success.

Wolford Communications will help you identify your target audience, craft your message, design your materials, and print and ship your postcards. We work with you from start to finish so you can focus on washing cars.

Our design team knows how to create eye-catching, effective designs. We work with any POS system to print variable barcodes or QR codes, including DRB. Through trusted vendors, we’ll deliver your direct mail at the best possible cost.

It’s important to include information that can help you track your results. By printing variable one-time barcodes or QR codes with your special offer, you can track the return on your investment.

Direct mail works best as part of a marketing funnel. When your new customers come in for a wash, don’t let it be the last time. Make sure to display a special offer on your static or digital signage that collects their information in exchange for another deal. By creating positive experiences and engaging them through automated email campaigns, you can turn customers into members.

All the marketing services you need to grow

Get in touch with us today and let’s start transforming your business from the ground up.

Design and Branding

Create a modern and memorable visual identity for your car wash. Put our design team to work for you.

Marketing Campaigns

Build effective sales funnels to capture and retain customers. Send coupons and messaging by text and email.

Print and Digital Products

Deliver powerful marketing messages and drive sales. We offer print materials, digital signage, and websites.

The car wash industry’s #1 family owned marketing firm

Wolford Communications is a family owned marketing firm located in Ohio and serving clients around the world. We have delivered fast, personalized service to over 800 car wash businesses in North America as a preferred vendor for DRB since 2010.

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