safetyHere’s an interesting conundrum we haven’t yet heard from car wash owners. It appears that some of the modern day cars with safety features such as automatic brakes are presenting their owners with a bit of a challenge when it comes to things that aren’t necessarily a danger. Specifically car washes.

It makes a lot of sense. As the Fox station in Chattanooga, Tennessee explains, the computers used in these vehicles to sense obstacles and other vehicles doesn’t know the difference between an oncoming semi and a friendly car wash brush. So drivers of some of these vehicles are finding themselves locked up in a car wash tunnel when they’re just trying to get it cleaned.

All told, at least 33 of today’s vehicles have trouble in such scenarios. Frankly, that’s okay: We’d probably be more concerned if their software didn’t raise red flags when heading into the gauntlet of a car wash.

There is a solution, but the problem is not every vehicle manufacturer has addressed it. Tesla for example, has an easy way for drivers to override their systems and essentially turn off those safety features in certain situations. If you’re driving a Tesla, you can tell the vehicle not to worry as it enters a car wash tunnel.

But if you’re driving, say a Volvo, you’ll have to do some serious work to deactivate the safety features. While it’s not necessarily a quirk that should eliminate the car from a list of vehicles you’d be interested in purchasing, it is interesting to point out. Have you run into this problem yet?