Dino Nicoletta | Asbury Park Press

Dino Nicoletta followed in his father’s footsteps when he chose to work in an industry serving drivers. His first foray into the car wash business in 1995 soon spun into two more purchases and sales of local car wash businesses. But there was one location in particular that he’d always had his eye on.

“There’d been a car wash at the Asbury circle in Neptune for over 30 years and every time I passed it I always thought it was an unbelievable location, right at the highly-trafficked and easy-to-access intersection of Route 35 and Route 66,” he said. “I felt that if we cleaned it up and invested money in it, it could be outstanding, but that it just needed something a little over the top.”

The Asbury Park Press reports that it was the addition of a double tunnel that spelled success for Nicoletta once had purchased his dream property site. The two-tunnel system allows for more than one car to be washed at a time. One of the tunnels is a mechanical wash system while the other puts your vehicle on a conveyor while employees give it a hand wash.

Nicoletta said he believes the business is the first in New Jersey to offer both wash types side by side. Prices for a hand wash start at $25, while prices for a conventional automatic wash start at $8.50. The company is also offering an “express detailing” service that starts at $50.