droughtAnother major drought, this one in South Africa, is forcing residents to adhere to strict water usage rules handed down by their local government. The Lady Smith Gazette reports that a severe drought in an area known as the uThukela District continues to worsen by the day. Already some rivers and dams have dried up and weather experts say the next rainfall won’t come until December.

The worsening conditions have prompted local officials to remind residents of the rules already in place to help conserve water in the interim. They include restrictions for individuals and businesses. Car wash owner in particular are being asked not to wash any vehicles for two days out of the week.

The days when car wash owners must not wash vehicles varies by region. For one area it’s Tuesdays and Thursdays. Another must abstain Mondays and Wednesdays. Businesses that use large amounts of water are being asked to recycle the water appropriately.

The rules are as follows and anyone who breaks them will be fined:

  • No watering  of gardens
  • No filling of swimming pools
  • No use of sprinkler systems
  • No washing of vehicles using hosepipes at home
  • No illegal or unmetered car wash businesses allowed
  • The water supply will be closed at certain times for both business and domestic consumers.

In the meantime residents are being told to save water in their homes in case of emergency.