Asbury Circle Car Wash | Asbury Park Press

A car wash owner in Asbury, New Jersey said his car was business of 20 years was doing well until he made a major investment. Now, the Asbury Park Press reports, he’s doing even better. That’s because 45-year-old Dino Nicoletta invested in a dual-tunnel car wash that has brought his business to the next level.

Nicoletta would go on to buy and sell three car washes before he laid eyes on the perfect property for a future car wash. Eventually, he was able to buy what is now called Asbury Circle Car Wash. All that was left was investing in a two-tunnel car wash that would allow for both hand washes and machine washes in the same place, each on conveyor belts.

“There’d been a car wash at the Asbury circle in Neptune for over 30 years and every time I passed it I always thought it was an unbelievable location, right at the highly-trafficked and easy-to-access intersection of Route 35 and Route 66,” he said. “I felt that if we cleaned it up and invested money in it, it could be outstanding, but that it just needed something a little over the top.”

Nicoletta said he’s so confident in the way his business has performed since installed the double-tunnel, that he doesn’t fear competition from new businesses. He believes he’s established a customer base that will remain loyal. And in the meantime, he’s predicting that the next big frontier for car wash businesses will be mobile detailing.