636276148785172005-1215GallatinBack in January, we told you about the sale of a property with historic roots for music lovers. The house in Nashville, Tennessee used to belong to Elvis Presley’s manager Tom Parker. There was some fear on the part of the seller and music buffs in the area that the home would be purchased and torn down. They wanted to see the house, which had most recently functioned as a law office, remain intact as homage to the king of rock and roll.


Now we can report that the new owners of the piece of property do have big plans to build a car wash, and tear down the building in the process. According to The Tennessean, the owners of Wash N’ Roll Car Wash will build their fifth location in the area on the nearly one acre site. Construction should begin shortly, after the sale was made earlier this week. The finished car wash should be up and running in just weeks.

Before the history of the property could be lost to demolition, a music buff in the area came by and purchased some of the items still within the home. He plans to put those on display in a different location to preserve the history as the town makes way for improvement.

Separately, musician historians Brian and Sally Oxley bought the rights to the interior and dismantled wood panels, wall sconce, bathroom tile and windows that date back to Parker’s time in the house. The couple, who also bought parts of the exterior,  put the pieces in storage with intentions of reassemblage at a later date.

In the meantime, the former home and Elvis landmark will be known and used by locals, and will maintain the legend in its name, which pays homage to all major rock stars of the day.