(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

While drought has put a major strain on car wash businesses in the United States and South America, some car washes in other parts of the world are having the opposite problem.

Zambia is in the middle of its rainy season, and drivers there are reluctant to have their cars washed. It’s a world away from California’s “Go dirty for the drought.” According to the Zambia Daily Mail:

Mark Muyunda of Imusho Car Wash said in an interview that most motorists would rather have their cars cleaned on a dry day.

“When it rains, cars easily get dirty because of the mud…,” Mr Muyunda said, adding that most people see it as a waste of money to wash their cars on rainy days as vehicles do not stay clean for a long time.

He said when it is not raining, the business attracts about 25 to 30 cars from morning to sunset compared to maximum of eight cars on a rainy day.

It’s all relative, isn’t it?