The International Carwash Association is hosting Splash! this month on October 24 and 25 in New Orleans. The event is part of a series of car wash marketing-centered series that work to bring professionals throughout the field together to discuss the current market, learn from each other, and network. Splash! Is a great opportunity to experience a car wash marketing event and is a great warm up for The Car Wash Show that ICA holds annually. If you’re new in the field it’s a good low pressure introduction to ICA and their events, and for more experienced businesses it’s an opportunity to spread the word and learn from industry leaders.


Splash! is a unique event that allows everyone involved in the car wash industry to learn, travel, become part of the community, and get involved in the field. This one day event merges a seminar, trade show, and party to provide a gathering place for everyone to come together, socialize, and learn from each other.

One of the main draws are the Wash Talks, a discussion platform to learn from the professionals in the industry on 30 topics, some of which include car wash marketing. In between talks there’s time to socialize and network, It’s also a time to explore the sponsors and what the industry has to offer from products and services to marketing and how to maintain your competitive edge. There’s also plenty of prizes and giveaways throughout the day that you’re entered in just for attending.

Tickets can be purchased on the ICA website for $49 each which is well worth the investment. Splash! is a great opportunity to spend time with those that are active in the car wash industry and get insight into car wash marketing, answer questions that you might have on how to enhance your business, and make friends and connections.

The Car Wash Show

If your schedule doesn’t allow for Splash! there’s plenty of time to prepare for the ICA Car Wash Show which is in April 2018. This is one of ICA’s biggest events along with The Car Wash Show Europe. This annual event is a great opportunity for those new to the car wash industry and those looking to stay current with all the new products, services, vendors, and industry leaders. It’s the leading event for networking, discovering new products, meeting vendors, and gaining experience.

Both Splash! and The Car Wash Show are prime opportunities to gain insight and education about car wash marketing. Attending these events will provide a look at how others within the industry are showcasing themselves and getting the word out. Each event connects you with not only information about the field but also individuals from all areas to answer questions, network and connect on a professional and personal level. As you become a leader in your field a sponsorship at one of these events will get the word out about your business and can establish you as a leader beyond your community which boosts your business and provides more opportunity to grow.