Crime Scene

Daniel Lewis Hendon hired hundreds of immigrants who were not authorized to work at his car washes. Now he’s going to spend a year in prison for it.

According to, Hendon, the former owner of Phoenix-based Danny’s Family Car Wash, is due to report to prison on March 23 to begin serving his sentence. When the jail term is up, he’ll spend another year on house arrest.

Seems like a harsh penalty, but there are a couple of things that didn’t help his case. For one, he’d already been warned. The feds previously determined that half of his 1,900 employees were unauthorized, and he was forced to fire them. But then he turned a blind eye to his managers as they started hiring them back. A dramatic raid on the car wash provided plenty of fodder for the local news outlets.

In the aftermath, Hendon pleaded guilty. And at sentencing in November, he said, “What I did was wrong. I have to pay the consequences for it.”