Facebook ads are a great way to spread the word about your business and build some hype about your new products, services, or promotions. Every car wash marketing strategy should include Facebook posts and ads because your community and target audience are on Facebook and will tag their friends or share your posts if they see something that applies to their friends or families. Facebook ads may be expensive but it’s worth it if you know what to do. Here are some tips for Facebook ads that can help take your car wash marketing to the next level.

You may not be familiar with Facebook ads, these are Facebook posts that look like regular posts in a customer’s feed, but they typically highlight a promotion, product, or service and include a hyperlink that clicks through to your Facebook page or website. They are great investments because customers can share the information with their friends or family by tagging them in the comments or sharing the post, which increases your reach and drives traffic to your pages.

Identify your target audience

For the most exposure you need to make sure each Facebook ad you run has a specific target audience. This will help you set up your ad to attract the right customers which will increase your sales. When considering your target audience you want to think about the age group, type of customer, and type of Facebook user you want to draw attention from. Each Facebook ad should reflect your brand in the colors and imagery as well as include direct copy with a clear call to action highlighting the information necessary to make the sale.

Maintain your Facebook page

Running Facebook ads are only as good as your car wash Facebook page. Make sure to maintain your page before you decide to run a Facebook ad campaign because if users click through your ad, which they will, you want them to land on an up to date and active Facebook page. To maintain your Facebook page consider your car wash marketing strategies and post content frequently that interacts with your audience, highlights your products and services, or educates your audience on why they should stop by for a car wash in the next week.

Use holidays to your advantage

Lastly, a great Facebook ad strategy is to use holiday marketing to your advantage. Facebook runs ads that target specific holiday shopping days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, President’s week, and the like. These ads can help showcase your business as an opportunity for a promotion or a great gift idea. While you may feel late the game this season it’s never too late to consider holidays in your car wash marketing strategies. Any holiday, from Columbus day to Thanksgiving, gives customers an opportunity to spend a little more and are great times to run a promotion to increase traffic and build your customer base.

Consider adding Facebook ads to your car wash marketing strategies and if you don’t have a Facebook page for your car wash, get started today. It will only increase your customer base and keep your name and brand fresh in the community. As always, get in touch with Wolford Communications if you need personalized car wash marketing help.