Duncan, Oklahoma (Image: Google)

Duncan, Oklahoma (Image: Google)

Duncan, Oklahoma, has been in a “stage five” drought since the western water woes began. The town has taken measures to cut back on water use, and even though it has made exemptions for businesses, including car washes, civic leaders are going a step forward from water conservation — to water creation.

According to KSWO-ABC7, the school district and some businesses are drilling private water wells. They see it as an investment in the community’s future.

“Duncan is known to be a town rich with oil drilling, but nowadays it seems like the hottest commodity to drill for is H2O,” the station reported.

Johnny Brown, the owner of 3B Industries, which owns several car washes in Duncan, says the water well he’s drilled ensures that the supply never runs out. He tells KSWO he’s spent almost $45,000.

“This is more of a preemptive measure on our part to kind of salvage our revenues,” Brown said. “We’re going to take about a 25 percent hit being closed on Sunday and Monday, and then losing the nighttime. This well will create everything we need to keep the car wash open 24/7.”

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