patriotscarwash_riseup_webA car wash owner in Cumming, Georgia made a last ditch effort to help his Atlanta Falcons win Sunday’s Super Bowl. While we know the outcome of the game was not in his favor, we can’t help but admire the dedication. The Forsyth County News reports that the owner of Patriot Car Wash temporarily changed his name so that his team would win.

A spokesman for the business told the local paper that he was changing the name from Feb. 1 through Feb. 5 to bring the Georgia team a bit of luck. While The Patriot Auto Wash is a good name for the rest of the year, it wasn’t so lucky during the biggest football game of the year. Spokesman Lewis Alston went instead with Rise Up!!! Auto Wash.

“All of us fans haven’t recovered from the Big Game loss in 1999,” Alston said. “We are extremely proud and excited for our home team and, to show our loyalty, we have to change our name to help Atlanta rise up.”

The name change came after a conversation with a customer. The customer said that while he loved the car wash and had been a regular for some time, he wondered if the name wasn’t dissuading others from having their vehicles washed if they were turned off by the name. That got the owners thinking and so Alston said, they announced the temporary change.

Along with the fun promotion, the car wash also offered a “Dirty Bird Special” on Super Bowl Sunday where a wash cost just $5. There were plans to offer more discounts if the home team won. Sadly for them, we know that didn’t happen. But the promotion was still hugely successful in drawing a crowd and some attention. Alston said he has removed more Falcons paraphernalia from vehicles to prevent damage during the wash than ever before.