Quick Quack Car WashWorker safety is a constant concern when your business deals with vehicles on a daily basis. Recently though, a car wash worker was killed and another was seriously injured in separate incidents in which someone either lost control of a vehicle or the vehicle malfunctioned. Both are reminders of stopgaps you can have in place to avoid similar tragedies.

In Raleigh, North Carolina last week, a car wash worker suffered injuries to his face after a red Chrysler came barrelling out of a full-service car wash. WNCN reports that the vehicle’s accelerator was stuck when it lurched from the tunnel, crashing into another vehicle. The injured car wash worker was driving the vehicle and tried to make a loop around the car wash property when he realized the vehicle would not stop. He could not help but strike a wall and a parked vehicle, which eventually stopped the Chrysler.

And in Philadelphia, a car wash accident killed a longtime employee according to Fox29.

Two men were working on a Dodge Durango at the end of June when a worker accidentally backed into his colleague, who was wiping the rear window. It turns out the driver thought the vehicle was in drive when it was actually in reverse. Investigators of the crash believe the victim may have been struck by a second vehicle when the first pushed him through the car wash tunnel.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, investigated the fatal crash but Fox29 said it does not appear that any charges will be filed in the accident. OSHA paired with the International Car Wash Association back in  2005 to prevent injuries and fatalities like these two. For more on their alliance, visit OSHA’s site.