local2A new website that is free and open for public use is helping customers find the closest car wash to them while ensuring quality services. The creators of the Texas-based site said it was time to put all information about car washes in one place, similar to the way restaurants and hair salons are now listed online so that customers can rate their experiences. LocalCarWashNearMe.com is both self explanatory and easy to use.

“It’s becoming harder and harder to locate quality car wash facilities nowadays,” says Nancy Marina, the company’s spokesperson. “This is what drove us to create this company and this website. We want people to easily and conveniently have the ability to locate car wash shops nearest to them. Not only that, but we also want them to have an idea of what type of services they will get at any particular car wash they visit. Like with any other technology, we want to use our idea to make life easier for anyone driving a car. And thanks to the market research we have done, we know that many people out there will be very happy to hear about our service.”

DigitalJournal.com wrote about the site this month. Users can rate their experiences on the site and businesses can list their own services and locations. The crowdsourcing nature of the site makes it user friendly and gives customers a sense that they’re getting information from reliable, unbiased users. Have you listed your car wash yet?