Choosing the right name for your car wash is a key element to car wash marketing. The name of your car wash will be how everyone identifies your business and links your marketing to your location. Choosing the right name can be tricky because you want to stand out among your competitors and have a name that aligns with your mission statement and business plan.

  1. Identify your mission

Now that you’re ready to name your car wash you’re well on your way to establishing your business. Before you choose a name you’ll want to identify your mission, the whole purpose of running a successful business. This mission will make sure your name and brand align with your overall purpose.

If you want to provide a fast car wash service you may want to choose a name that gives customers that impression, while if you want to provide a quality car wash that may take more time, your name will demonstrate that. Your mission can be a sentence or two that gives an overall idea of what you want to accomplish with your car wash business. It should be easy to understand, comprehensive, and something that can withstand the changes and updates your car wash may experience through the years.

  1. Brainstorm name ideas

With your mission established you can now start brainstorming car wash name ideas. Coming up with a name that fits your mission can be tricky in getting the right combination that suits your goals, is easy to remember, and would work well in a car wash marketing campaign. Start brainstorming by looking at your mission statement and find similar words that reflect your purpose. If you want to offer a fast wash you may choose words like speedy, quick, or lightning as descriptive options. Think about your competitors in the community and how you can stand out from their names.

  1. Search what’s trademarked

After you’ve come up with some potential names for your car wash do some research to see which names are trademarked. There will be some legal paperwork to file once you’ve chosen a name so it’s a good idea to search online before you submit it to make sure there’s a good chance your name isn’t already taken.

  1. Check availability

Along with looking at names that are trademarked it’s a good idea to make sure your name is available for social media accounts and a website. The easiest way to do this is to Google search your potential names and see what comes up. You’ll want a Twitter, Facebook page, and website domain at least for your new business, so if even one of those is taken you may want to reconsider your name.

  1. Consider your reach and business plan

The final step in choosing the right name for your car wash is to think about how your name will be welcomed by customers, the community, and will drive your business plan. Your name is the main tool you’ll use for car wash marketing once the business is established, so it’s a good idea to consider how your name will be received and what it can do to drive your business forward successfully.

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