matteIf you’ve had customers come to the car wash with special paint jobs, you’ve likely encountered questions about how best to maintain a clean surface. If your operation has both an automatic and hand wash, be sure to post signs telling customers how best to care for their car based on their paint finish. A recent video feature by Road Show talks about just that.

The roughly two-minute video features an email from a viewer of the show who recently paid an extra thousand dollars for a matte finish to her Hyundai. Workers at her local automatic car wash insisted that the charcoal color of the paint would not chip away in their wash even with the harsh bristles normally used. But Road Show host Brian Cooley warns otherwise.

“All car washes do micro scratches,” he said. “Normally if you get some scratches in your gloss finish you can often buff it out.”

On a matte finish, scratches can’t be easily fixed. If they’re buffed, the paint around the mark will appear shiny and unlike the rest of the paint. You’re only fix will be an entirely new paint job. Cooley recommends instead that you pay the extra buck for a hand wash at the same business.

“There’s a cost beyond the price you pay for a matte finish, and that’s real vigilance.” Brian Cooley, Road Show host