(Image: Sonny's)

(Image: Sonny’s)

A Florida-based manufacturer of car wash systems recently signed a partnership with a Chinese business, A&T Car Wash Systems.

SONNY’s The CarWash Factory has brought on A&T as its newest Select Service Organization (SSO) member, as stated in a press release. SONNY’s is the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts and supplies in the world, it says.

China has an estimated 240 million cars, and the number is rising. With more new vehicles on the road and a growing middle class comes a demand for high quality car wash services.

“I’m proud of the investments we’ve made over the years in SONNY’S software and in our automation process. In doing so, we have improved initial product quality which has enabled us to manufacture a product with a distinct value proposition and high quality standard that lets us sell directly to China, using a product designed and built in the USA,” said Paul Fazio, CEO of SONNY’s.

A&T Car Wash Systems owner and Chairman of the Board, Shihou Li, echoed Fazio’s value proposition:

“The car wash operators we sell to demand equipment that delivers clean, dry, shiny cars every time, so that they can keep their focus on attracting and retaining customers, not repairing equipment. We chose SONNY’S because they make equipment that’s dependable, durable, reliable, and simply put, built for the long term.”