Photo courtesy of Rocket Shine Car Wash

We’ve been following the struggles of a car wash in Bonita Springs, Florida which has been trying to get zoning approval to build since last summer. The car wash had plans to build a 6,200-square foot facility on a one acre plot of land in a part of town that some city leaders felt was already too crowded and busy. They also cited its “visual impact” as reason to reject the idea.

We wrote about the matter in December when the car wash’s lawyers argued that the stipulations the government was suggesting allow the zoning were unfair. We wrote about the same car wash again a month later when a special magistrate was called in to settle the dispute with a ruling that parties could either accept or reject. At that time, the magistrate recommended the car wash be approved. 

The city voted to reject that suggestion from a magistrate in March, according to the Naples Daily News. Now a local law firm is taking the matter to court. In a lawsuit dated March 14, the lawyers for the car wash said the city’s rejection is unreasonable.

“It is clear that despite the legal ramifications the city staff and the city council do not want a car wash because they feel it will not attract the ‘type of business’ the city desires,” according to the lawsuit.

City leaders have plans to address the lawsuit at their upcoming meeting in April. We’ll be sure to keep you apprised.