Owner John D'Eri. | Sun-Sentinel

Owner John D’Eri. | Sun-Sentinel

Earlier this year we told you about plans for a second Rising Tide Car Wash location in Florida. The relatively new chain is gaining lots of publicity for its hiring practices. The company is known for employing those with Autism.

Now, months after the second location was announced, the Sun-Sentinel reports that crews have broken down on the new car wash. Owners of the original location in Parkland, Florida started the business when they learned their son, who has Autism, would likely have trouble securing employment as an adult. But car washes have proven to be a skill those with Autism pick up quickly.

“By opening this location,” Owner John D’Eri said in a statement, “We are not only giving more young adults with autism opportunities to realize their capabilities, gain confidence, make friends, gain financial independence and have a place to call their own, but we are also providing another top-notch car wash experience to South Floridians.”

The second location in Margate, Florida will be larger than the first when it opens this spring. Margate is just five miles away from the original location, but in a different town. For more on the company, its mission and its history of recognition, watch the video on the Sun-Sentinel’s website.

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