Crime SceneTwo crooks in Bradenton, Florida, were hoping to make a quick buck when they tried using a crowbar to break into a change machine at Friendly City Car Wash. Witnesses called police after they saw the attempted theft. The attempt is yet another reminder for car wash owners to watch out for would-be thieves hoping to make a quick penny off their automated machines.

Three people were arrested Monday following the crime. Timothy Kaiser, 30, and Jeremy Triplett, 31, were arrested for trying to break into the machine. Kaiser’s girlfriend, Ashley Tronicke, 27, was arrested after police found her in the parking lot with narcotics.

While the three did not get any money from the machine, they did cause significant damage to the car wash, deputies told the Bradenton Herald.

Meanwhile, criminals in West Earl Township, Pennsylvania, were a bit luckier, unfortunately. They’re on the lam after stealing change from a car wash vacuum machine there, according to ABC-27.