With a few months left in the NFL season, it’s not too late to try a marketing tactic that some car washes are betting their bottom lines on: aligning your car wash business’ promotions with your local sports team to gain exposure and attract new customers.

A newly opened New Orleans car wash business, Rich’s Wash Dat, has extended its promotional $10 unlimited wash club until the Saints vs. Panther’s Game on Dec. 7, PR Web reports. Their strategy seems to be two-fold: rope them in with New Orleans’ favorite team, then keep them coming back by entering them into the “club.”

We’ve explained the huge benefits of loyalty promotions, like memberships and gift cards, before.

There are a few ways to go about it. You can use Facebook targeted promotions for marketing your car wash’s promotions to fans of your local team — clean car for the tailgate, anyone? Or, say, anyone with a ticket to the last game can come by for a discounted wash. It’s that simple, and these kinds of deals build brand loyalty.

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