There are four car wash marketing ideas that never get old in this industry. Each of the four — coupon books, gift cards, windshield stickers, and direct mail — are effective ways to increase your customer base, showcase your services, and retain more loyalty.

Coupon Books

Car wash coupon books are a great car wash marketing idea to spread the wealth and give many individuals the opportunity to experience your services. While many younger customers prefer a gift card or prepaid card that’s easily stored in a wallet or console, car wash coupon books allow the customer to give a coupon to a friend or family member which increases your customer base. If your business is active in community functions a coupon book is also a great car wash marketing idea because you can include them in raffles and events which extends your reach.

Gift Cards

One of the tried and true car wash marketing ideas is using gift cards. Most car washes offer two types of gift cards, the traditional gift card and a prepaid card. Customers will buy gift cards for friends and family and purchase a prepaid card for themselves so they always have funds on hand whenever they need a wash. Offering both gift cards and prepaid cards gives you two opportunities to display your logo and market your business. When ordering cards it might be a good idea to make the gift cards and prepaid cards different colors and include contact information like location addresses and phone numbers.

Windshield Stickers

Another solid car wash marketing idea is a windshield sticker. These stickers work like prepaid cards but are attached to the windshield. This makes it easy for customers to always have their loyalty club card on hand, and saves you the hassle of trying to match the card or account to the car. When shopping for windshield stickers consider the color scheme. You’ll want the sticker to reflect your car wash but you’ll also want customers to like the look and make sure it doesn’t distract the driver. When you purchase windshield stickers, make sure they are destructible — that is, they have security cuts — so they can’t be removed and placed in another car. (The ones we sell are destructible.)

Direct Mail

Lastly, a car wash marketing idea that may see a more indirect result but is still a tried and true option is the direct mailer. Creating a marketing promotion to distribute in the mail should be undertaken by an experienced marketing professional because of the size of the investment — you want to make sure your messaging and postal logistics are in order. But done right, it’s a great way to market your monthly car wash club, offer a discount for the first month, or offer a discounted high end wash. Direct mail is the most effective with a postcard sized flyer, which also makes it easy for customers to carry or have on hand when they decide to stop at your wash. This size is the most effective for postage as well and fits in most sized mailboxes.

For all the answers to your car wash marketing ideas, contact the experts at Wolford Communications. All four of these ideas are available for purchase through Wolford Communications and if you order before the end of October you’ll have your items before the holiday season.