maxresdefaultWhen car wash businesses make the news for a good cause, it’s usually because they’ve held some kind of charity wash. This time, car washes in southern Illinois did a good deed by offering some freebies.

Fast Lanes Express, and a handful of other car washes near Carbondale held an event dubbed Single Mom Saturday in which they gave single mothers free oil changes, car washes and vacuums. The event was hosted by a local radio station and it in its 15th year. The station partnered with local businesses to be able to give the services for free.

This year thought, more than 300 moms turned out across all participating car washes. The car wash gave free washes to 321 single mothers. “It’s just a great way to show God’s love to the community … to show God’s love in a tangible way … and show them that they’re not alone,” a volunteer told Southern Business Journal.