The Straits Times

Today we bring you two promotions that involve free car washes. The businesses using them seem to think the offers work pretty well, so we’re passing on the tip. See if you can steal these ideas the next time you’re looking for a way to get a few new customers through the door.

The first promotion is at a new car wash in Lynchburg, Virginia. Express Jet Car Wash Celebrated its grand opening this new year with free car washes for local residents. The freebie included what the business is calling the Captain’s Special. Normally, that service costs motorists $20, according to ABC13.

The new car wash will focus on washing cars on the exterior but will also offer access to interior cleaning tools as part of the deal. Patrons can use the vacuums and mat washing tools free of charge. The free car wash promotion lasted for a few days.

The second free car wash promotion is a bit different. This one is being used by real estate agents. Agents in Asia pulled out all the stops recently while showing a three-story bungalow. Anyone who toured for the open house left with a freshly washed car.

AsiaOne reports that the offer is part of an overall luxury experience real estate agents for high-end properties are looking to give their clients. We have a feeling it’s one that would work for a lot of different business promotions outside of the car wash industry.