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A proposed car wash in Boynton Beach, Florida could get the axe before it even breaks ground. That’s because the owners of a nearby funeral home say the site violates the county’s comprehensive plan. The funeral home is suing, according to the Palm Beach Post.


But what’s really at the core of the issue here is something that commonly pops up in discussions of new car wash sites. Residents and local business owners are concerned that the car wash will create noise and traffic problems. Some have even said it will degrade the neighborhood’s aesthetic feel. The discussion has become particularly heated given that the car wash plans to build on a six-acre parcel next to an existing funeral home.

“How disrespectful to grieving family members to hear honking from the car wash customers,” said the funeral home’s owner, Joseph Rubin. “A wall will not prevent the families from hearing the car wash customers honking.”

The county approved the original plans for a Motor City Carwash by a vote of 5 to 2 back in January. But the owners of the funeral home weren’t satisfied with that decision. Now the disagreement will be addressed in a Florida courtroom. And in the meantime, the owners of the proposed car wash say they plan to proceed with their plans to build given that they aren’t the ones being sued.

“We’re a small company, a neighborhood company trying to expand,” Owner David Daszkal said.