(Image: YouTube via Citizens Voice)

(Image: YouTube via Citizens Voice)

When the police swarmed a Hazelton, Pennsylvania, car wash, all they knew was that several frightened people had called 911 saying the same thing: There’s a car covered in blood, and legs are hanging out the trunk.

With lights and sirens, they dashed to the scene hoping the suspects wouldn’t flee before they got there. “When police get a call like that, everyone goes racing to the scene with lights and sirens — as did the Hazleton and West Hazleton police departments — because you have perhaps minutes before that car disappears,” the local police chief, Frank DeAndrea, told the Citizens Voice newspaper.

But when they arrived, they realized the body was actually a mannequin. And the blood? “Do we smell barbeque sauce?” the officers asked.

Shayne Balliet, 26, and Cody Chippi, 19, were cited with disorderly conduct for the prank, which they said was intended to be a funny YouTube video.

“Somewhere in their infinite wisdom, these two guys got the idea it would be a great prank to put barbeque sauce and ketchup on the hood of their white car, place a mannequin in a garbage bag with the legs sticking out of the bag in the trunk of the car and going to the car wash to make it look like they were cleaning blood off the car,” DeAndrea said.


What do you think? Funny? Not funny? Has something like this ever happened at your car wash? Read the rest of the story here.