1485530625gate-renderingGate Petroleum Co. announced in a press release this week that it has purchased six sites for future car wash businesses. The gas station company, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida, is making the leap into car washes, according to the Daily Record. They also have a list of 11 other sites that are undergoing various review processes to see if those too can be acquire. The first two locations will open for business either late spring or early summer. Gate Petroleum Co. is calling the new car wash chain Gate Express Carwash.

Many of the gas stations Gate Petroleum Co. operates already has a car wash on site. The difference here is they’re opening stand alone car wash sites. The owners believe they’re doing something innovative in the industry in pairing the car washes with convenience stores as well.

“We think the car wash business is going in this direction … and we want to be the first ones in this market to do it,” said Gate Executive Hill Peyton back in October when the venture was announced.

Pricing for services starts at $5 a wash. The automatic tunnels will range in length from 125 to 145 feet and can fit as many as seven cars at a time. The vacuums will be free and the company will also offer monthly membership packages.