Quick Quack Car Wash

Here’s a combination we haven’t heard before. A gas station in Philo, Illinois said they need to up their game if they want to maintain sales as a Dollar General opens up next store. And to ensure more foot traffic and sales, the owners of Philo Country Store say they want to begin offering wine tasting to customers.

The News-Gazette reports that the gas station would need to get a new business license that would allow it to sell alcohol for consumption on premises. The owners also said they want to look into adding poker machines to the building for people to play while they drink. Sounds like a full-on casino.

Somewhat surprisingly, the local government leaders say they support that idea because they don’t want to see the company go out of business.

“Anything to bring in revenue — as long as it’s safe, above board and legal,” one of the trustees said.

This story reminded us of some of the interesting car wash combinations we’ve seen in recent years as businesses look to thrive in an ever changing economy, not just for car wash owners. Here are the highlights:

A car wash that offers sushi.

A car wash that wanted to offer beer and wine.

A car wash that grew to include gas, lube, donuts and coffee.