Gift Cards & Prepaid Cards

Even though they function the same, both reloadable and reusable, carwashes sometimes purchase both gift and prepaid cards. Typically, people will buy gift cards for others and prepaid cards for themselves, giving you two opportunities to sell.

With the DRB system, the cards can be loaded with either money or washes and many carwashes use the name “wash card” on their prepaid cards.  Naming the card is more a marketing function than anything else.

For customers wishing to economize, we can print both gift card and prepaid versions to create a quantity discount at a minimal $25 2nd card fee.

We print custom cards on .30 mill plastic with a scratch resistant laminate overlay. Typically, cards are 4 color front, 1 color back but we can also do two sided color imaging. We can print barcodes, magnetic strips, or both and have also printed QR codes.

  • Delivery is usually 10-14 business days, except during Christmas holidays
  • Orders for the holidays should be placed no later than the end of October so you can have them for the selling season
  • Minimum quantity is 250
  • We charge $75 for design services but will also print from your design.
  • We also offer gift card presenters, envelopes and display racks.  Ask about custom presenters.

Note:  customer who have purchased DRB Systems card dispensing XPTs and wish both barcodes and mag stripes will have to have their card designed with the barcode on the front, mag strip on the back.  The barcode is read as the card is dispensed to activate the card.