hauntedHalloween. At least two car washes will hold haunted car washes this week in light of the spooky holiday. One of the car washes in Arizona is holding the event to raise money for charity while the other holds the event as part of its regular operations.

ABC15 reports that Jacksons Car Wash in Paradise Valley, Arizona is put on a haunted car wash to raise money for Banner Children’s Health Clinic. The one day event took place Saturday. The car wash was free and patrons were encouraged to donate.

The other haunted car wash is a three day event this coming weekend. KCBD reports that the event is taking place in the Lubbock, Texas area at three of the business’s locations. The wash costs $10 and includes some scary additions as you travel through the car wash tunnel. Kids who go will get trick or treat bags as well.

There’s still a week left to get this marketing angle in at your local car wash.