grouponFall is upon us and it’s time to kick the marketing up a notch. Car washes can often seem a thing of summer, and many customers don’t know you can still safely wash your vehicle in the winter. So as the slow season approaches, here are a few ideas we’ve come up with to help you boost year-round sales.

Consider Groupon

We love the way Groupon advertises to its customers. You can search based on where you live or where you’re currently located. And while you can search based on the type of deal you’re interested in (food, activities, goods) you can also let Groupon show you the gamut of current offerings. So why not get your own car wash in on the action? Reach out to Groupon to pitch your idea for a coupon. They’re usually something along the lines of a standard service at a steep discount. You can set parameters so that only a limited number of deals can be purchased through the site. Then, watch the new customers roll in. They might be people who live around the corner and haven’t heard of you yet. Or it might be someone passing through. It could even be a loyal customer happy to have a sudden perk. Browse other car wash offerings on the app to get an idea of what you can offer.

Have a Spooky Halloween

And Halloween is just around the corner, even though it’s still September. Some car washes turn their tunnels into free “haunted houses” for a few days. Others, have gone all out like the folks in this Ford commercial. But it’s also a good time to offer a “scary good deal.” Don’t be afraid to get corny and latch onto a fleeting holiday while people are feeling festive.

Start a Birthday Club

Plus tons of places offer birthday perks, so why not join in on the well wishes? Start a birthday club at your car wash and require that people sign up to take part. Get basic information including their age, address, contact information and name. Request that they like you on Facebook, then send out a reminder for a free car wash closer to their birthday. Be nice and allow them to redeem it for the full week or month in case they’re too busy the day of cutting cake.