Bucket Suds

The bucket, suds and sponge in the driveway are going the way of roller-skate servers, drive-in movies and other relics of our automotive past. That’s according to an op-ed in the UK magazine Auto Express.

Three in four women and one in three blokes have never washed their cars, according to OSV, the vehicle leasing people. And those who have, do so only occasionally.

Like DIY servicing, repairs and sound system installation, the home car washing ritual is, for the bulk of motorists, now toast.

While that’s certainly true, we don’t agree with his reasoning that “car wash operators with little self interest [sic] at heart have been lobbying for a ban of on-street car washing.” Apparently, the author had been told by a car wash equipment manufacturer he had “a license to print money.”

In truth, more people are having their cars washed by professionals because the public is busier, professionals do the job better and faster, and the process is much more environmentally friendly.