Wine Company

A small family winery used this viral YouTube video to break into a tough market. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

When it comes to online presence, some car wash business owners may feel they don’t need a robust strategy — that business is doing just fine without it. That may be true that business is doing fine, but it’s still important not to neglect potential new customers who might not stumble across your brick and mortar shop, but could stumble across your digital one. And if they do, car wash owners should be prepared to tell them what they need to know.

Of course, that means all the standard information about locations and hours. But your website is also a great place to tell them about your latest promotions and to give them a flavor for what your brand is all about. For this Friday’s marketing roundup, we’ll take a closer look at digital strategies that have worked for others. And we’ll hear it from the experts.

  • This may seem obvious, but when people find your website — whether it’s through social media, web directories, or a simple Google search — they don’t want to have to wait for the site to load. We guarantee that if a car wash has images on the home page that take longer than 10 seconds to load, some folks are going to start clicking back to find someplace else. In a Forbes article, “How To Optimize Your Website’s Performance And Keep Customers Happy,” Mike Quinn, president of Yellow Bridge Interactive, says every second matters:

Just like a physical store needs organizing, websites need cleaning. When it comes to page-load optimization, every kilobyte counts. Web performance is a critical part of a customer’s experience. Don’t put optimizing a website’s loading time on the back burner, as it can be detrimental to loyal readers or repeat business.

  • If you’re trying to develop a content strategy for your website, social media, or even just your traditional print media platform, a recent article on LinkedIn urges small business owners to “dig deeper” into the data. What that means is asking where readers go to consume information. And maybe that’s the same as asking yourself where you go: White papers? Twitter? Magazines? The answer will help you know what channels to focus on. There are companies that offer these kinds of writing services and marketing strategies.
  • Now this. This is just awesome. In Business2Community, this marketing strategist describes how he helped a small family winery in Provence — where there are 600 similar competitors — reach a massive audience through YouTube. The video was 49 seconds long and extremely useful. The owner described how to open a wine bottle without a bottle opener using a shoe. Six million people watched it. For a car wash business, this success story may be instructive given the number of car care tips worth sharing.

As always, let us know if you’ve had any success stories of your own. We’ll be glad to share them here and grow the common wisdom. Reach us at