auto-519826_960_720The Better Business Bureau recently pub listed a type of public service announcement in the Dayton Daily News. The short article outlines what to look for when a driver is looking for a place to take their vehicle for a wash. Penned by John North, the president of the Dayton BBB in Ohio, the list comes at a time when warmer months are inviting drivers to swing by a car wash for a nice sprucing up.

The list begins by suggesting the obvious: Check your car wash choice against records from the BBB. But here are a few things they’re also suggesting that car wash owners might be surprised by.

  • Go with the car wash priced in the mid range compared to other car washes.
  • Make sure the car wash has proper insurance.
  • Get services outlined in writing.
  • Ask mechanics you trust to suggest a good car wash.

Those four points on the list of nine bring up a few other points The Car Wash Business Blog would like to suggest.

  • Price your car wash services by checking with other local washes. Considering offering seasonal discounts when business is slower and establishing a rewards program for the most loyal.
  • Update your insurance policy once a year around the same time, say right about now. Call it spring cleaning.
  • Consider offering the kind of guarantee in writing that will make a first-time customer feel secure. Run it past your own lawyers.
  • Befriend other community businesses. We often suggest doing this by partnering with organizations hoping to hold car wash fundraisers. Establishing friendly relations with mechanics, car dealers and parts stores will also ensure good referrals.

You can read the full list by visiting the Dayton Daily News website, which says that the BBB receives more than 114,500 inquiries and more than 1,600 complaints about car wash businesses throughout North America each year.