Pro Hand Car Wash in Bournemouth, U.K. | Daily Echo

When you’re looking to open a new car wash, it’s important to know how your local government’s zoning codes might play a factor in the decision. Municipalities usually have rules for everything from signage colors to hours of operation. These examples of car washes currently dealing with their local zoning rules might enlighten you to some potential roadblocks as you look to open your own small business.

A development in Illinois recently removed a car wash from its plans after residents spoke out against traffic concerns. The car wash was designed as part of a new community of single-family homes, The Daily Herald reports. But some felt that having a business in the middle of the village would disrupt daily life for residents. The developers readily complied and the car wash bit the dust.

A car wash in the U.K. that was asking for extended operating hours had its request shut down this week. The Daily Echo reports that the car wash asked council for permission to remain open an hour after typical closing time on weekends. They were rejected. The reason? Some said the vacuums used on site to clean vehicle interiors were too loud.

And a third car wash has its fate hanging in the balance pending the outcome of an upcoming zoning board hearing. The McHenry Times reports that a car wash in Crystal Lake, Illinois is asking for a special use permit to open a car wash in a part of town that doesn’t typically allow them. The public will get a chance to weigh in.