You offer your best possible service. You want to run a profitable business. But how much is too much to charge your customers?

One of the most expensive car washes in the world, a luxury car wash in Belgium, offers the look of a brand new car for €650 (about $770 at today’s exchange rate). The company provides complete service and beyond including cleaning, paint corrections, waxing, and — for an additional €500 — a ceramic coating that will protect the car from additional scrapes and scratches. Surely contributing to the price is the method — meticulous cleaning done completely by hand, allowing for extreme attention to detail.

The owners consider the €650 to be a sound investment considering their quality in relation to the price of the cars themselves. But what should the average car wash charge their customers? What should you be charging your customers?

LA Express Car Wash, in Silverlake Los Angeles, charges $12 for their most expensive wash. For a comparable cleaning in Orlando, Florida, Sweetwater Car Wash offers an $11 deluxe wash. For a more detailed clean, including interior windows and underbody wash, Sweetwater offers a $27 Works Wash. In smaller towns such as Muncie, Indiana, car washes like Clancy’s Car Wash can offer complete care including waxing in their $12 wash.

Ultimately, your pricing depends mostly on your competition and your best chance at maximizing returns. Depending on your location and the services you provide, your best price should be the balance that makes the difference between your car wash and the competition.

Attracting more customers to your car wash is an obvious way to ensure your prices will guarantee great returns. Visibility online could give your car wash the boost required to jump ahead of the market. With the help of Wolford Communications and their complete car wash marketing services, visibility and great appearance are easier than ever before.