Car wash owners and managers have a lot on their hands: employee management, customer service, accounting, systems maintenance… Then there’s marketing. Talk about how they can outsource or automate some of their work (like content marketing) and determine which tactics are most effective (coupon books require very little effort).

Car wash owners and managers have a significant workload from managing employees and handling customer service to accounting and systems maintenance. With all these daily, weekly, and monthly tasks it can be difficult to find time for car wash marketing too. In order to balance your time between car wash marketing and your regular operations you should consider your current tasks, streamline the marketing tasks, automate content marketing, and think about outsourcing tasks that require more time and effort.

Consider your current tasks

First, in order to balance your time between car wash marketing and operations you need to consider all your current tasks. This includes your daily tasks, weekly, monthly, and yearly from employees and customer service to any current marketing tasks you are overseeing. Seeing all these tasks laid out in front of you, whether that means looking at your calendar, planner, spreadsheets, or spending a few minutes to make a list, is the first step to finding balance.

After you see your tasks on paper you’ll then be able to find tasks you can delegate, or give to someone else who is better suited for the job. That may be as simple as asking the desk clerk of the office to handle flyers or mailings during slower hours in the day, or as detailed as deciding to hire someone strictly to handle marketing, accounting, or whichever task feels time consuming and complicated.

Streamline marketing tasks

If delegating car washing marketing isn’t feasible, it’s important to focus your marketing efforts on items that won’t take too much time and streamline what you can. Coupon books are a great marketing tool because they showcase your services and provide customers with a discount. They also advertise your business and provide all the information a new customer needs to start purchasing car washes, using other services, and even joining a loyalty club. Coupon books may take some time to set up from deciding which discounts to offer, which information to include, and the cover design, but once you print them they do the marketing for you.

Another way to streamline marketing is to update your website to provide information about promotions, discounts, and events you host at your locations. This will give you a place to send customers with questions and puts everything in one place for easy access. Updating the website can be done monthly and only requires time here and there compared to managing a printing and mailing schedule or getting signs posted throughout your community.

Automate and outsource content marketing

For more advanced content marketing you can set up social media accounts where you can post about events and promotions. This allows you to use the information on your website in a new way and expand your audience. If social media management sounds too time consuming you can consider outsourcing or hiring someone in-house to update pages, create blog posts, and manage your content. By finding an individual to help with the workload you can find balance between the car wash marketing you handle and running daily operations.

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