Snow Continues To Disrupt The UK's Road and Rail NetworksThe weather outside continues to be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your sales have to suffer. We’ve come up with a quick list of simple ways to capitalize on inclement weather as winter stretches well past the holidays. Try these promotional ideas to keep a steady stream of business even when it doesn’t seem like the best time for a wash.

  1. Dispel rumors. It’s true that it can get too cold for a car wash, but most drivers wrongly assume that a chill in the air means they have to skip a wash. Share these tips at your wash, so customers know that just because it’s freezing doesn’t mean that a warm wash will cause locks to free or windshields to crack.
  2. Warn of salt damage. You should also be offering additional services in the winter. This car wash in Duluth, Minnesota offers de-icing services. In the meantime, warn your customers of damage from salt put down on roads this time of year. Regular washes will prevent rust and corrosion.
  3. Offer a deal. Maybe it’s as simple as waiting for the temps to fall (not too dangerously low) and offering a matching deal or price. When it’s 30 degrees out, say everyone gets 30 percent off a wash. If you hit five inches of snow one day, promise a free wash for anyone who comes in through the end of the month and mentions the record snowfall promotion. Think of how Taco Bell offered free tacos during the World Series when a base was stolen.¬†Advertise on social media and with posters at the wash for returning customers.