The winter weather is a strategic time to consider for your car wash marketing strategies. This time is appropriate between the holiday traffic traveling to visit friends and family to the holiday shoppers and snowy weather, all of which offers opportunity to land new customers and convert those customers to frequent flyers. You can bring in new customers through targeted promotions advertising holiday gifts, fast washes, and a warm place to pause and enjoy while the car is serviced. It’s also a prime time to get new customers to sign up for your newsletter and remind them of the dangers of road salt.

Newsletter signups

Increased winter traffic is the perfect time to get new clients to sign up for your newsletter. Whether you run a mailer or an email newsletter the increased traffic can help you grow your network and get your name out. As part of your car wash marketing campaign consider tailoring your newsletter to your audience and including information about the winter weather and what it can do to your car as well as advertise any promotions or special coupons that newsletter members receive. By providing information about what your newsletter includes, you may get more customers to sign up and lead to more regular visits.

Targeted promotions

With more people traveling during the holidays or out shopping you may be able to use that to your advantage and entice customers with some winter specific promotions. New customers may enjoy a warm place to grab a free cup of coffee while they wait for their car to wash, or appreciate a faster tunnel wash in between shopping trips or before a holiday event.

It’s also a good idea to use the winter traffic as your target market for gifts like holiday coupon books or loyalty club memberships. Many car washes offer an extended or larger edition of the coupon book to add a discount. The increased winter traffic may be interested in a larger coupon book both as a gift and as a way to try out your services and products. A reduced rate loyalty club membership is another way to turn those holiday shoppers into regular customers.

Winter weather and road salt

Don’t forget to use car wash marketing tactics and winter weather together to drive that increased traffic to your business. The road salt in snowy environments can do damage to the body and the interior of a vehicle. By reminding customers through the newsletter, social media posts, and other car wash marketing tactics you can draw in the new customers for washes and interior cleaning, then convert them to frequent customers with your holiday promotions and excellent customer service.

Increased winter traffic isn’t something your current car wash marketing campaign may have considered but it’s a prime time to bring in new customers, offer discounts for services or loyalty programs, and get people to join your newsletter or follow social media. Show off your business with outstanding customer service, bring cheer in the holiday season, and grow your audience to create year round customers.

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