Car Wash Customer Service

Let’s face it. Car wash businesses are everywhere. If a customer doesn’t like yours for any reason, there are often three more within driving distance for that customer to choose from. In the WashTrends Blog this month, QwikWash America writes that good customer service can be the difference between a one-time visitor and a loyal customer:

Instructing your front line staff and technicians to practice good customer service is not enough to make sure that the user experience for every customer meets or exceeds expectations.  Your competitive advantage is to create a memorable and favorable impression that both encourages your customer to return and to share their positive service experience with their friends and family.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective kind, and it comes in many forms. Let’s say one of your customers is running late to a meeting but couldn’t show up with her car looking like it does. If the car wash goes quickly, and she’s grateful, she’s more likely to mention it to her friends and family. And maybe she’ll even dash off a note on Twitter: “@carwash is so fast.”

QwikWash America, a car wash chain in McKinney and Frisco, Texas, offers three tips on how to give better customer service. The first is to evaluate traffic flow to see just how quickly customers are moving through. Two, take a hard look at your signage. “Your car wash signs may look great aesthetically but are they working to help direct customers to the services and products they need quickly?” And finally, make sure it’s easy for customers who want to give feedback to give it. They suggest having an email address on the receipt. We suggest also reminding them with signage to like your business on Facebook or send feedback on Instagram.