Signage is a powerful car wash marketing tool because your wash can’t speak for itself. Signs are how customers understand the wash process and the wash tiers you offer. Without powerful signs that stand out, many potential customers may pass up your business for another that does a better job of explaining what they offer, their wash process, and any promotions or discounts they’re offering.

Exterior signs

One of the most powerful car wash marketing tools is exterior signs. Most car washes don’t have attendants available to explain the wash options or answer questions and instead rely on informative and easy to read signs. This allows the attendant to work more efficiently and helps the customer make informed decisions on which wash they want and understand how the process works.

Successful exterior signs should be easy to read and understand. Most customers won’t be in line for the wash long which means your signs need to explain your process, highlight the options you offer from the basic to the ultimate wash, and mention price points effectively. A great sign should have all of your wash tiers, with the basic at the bottom, most expensive at the top, and demonstrate why the most expensive is best. Signs should also highlight what each wash includes, from wax and rinses to denoting the wash that gives the most bang for your buck.

Interior signs

Powerful signage doesn’t stop outside the wash, another effective car wash marketing tool is interior signs. These signs are part of the classic car wash experience and include neon or LED lighting that alerts the customer of the steps in the wash as they progress through the tunnel.

Having bright lights adds to the wash experience and also notifies the customer that they’re receiving the wash they paid for. It’s dark and difficult to tell what’s happening to the outside of the vehicle while they’re inside, so having bright lights to signify each step in the wash process will help market what you offer in real time and keep the customer informed.

Interior signs are also a great way to market upcoming events, promotions, and wash upgrades. Customers are in the tunnel through the duration of the wash and this is a great opportunity to let them know what else you offer from gift cards and coupons to detailing or other services.

You want to take advantage of the time your customer is on your property from the time they pull in to receive a wash to the second they exit and hit the street. Signs that grab their attention from entrance to exit, including in the tunnel or wash space, will help make more sales and create more repeat customers. Consider how long your customers spend waiting, both in line to enter a wash and during the wash itself. This time is a great opportunity to market your business, showcase your services with eye-catching and informative signs that represent your business and brand effectively.

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