Growing your clientele can be expensive. Here is a quick tip on how to market your car wash, boost your customer base, and help out other small businesses along the way. Not to mention leave your customers coming back for to market your car wash

Partner with Local Food Trucks

In many municipalities, food trucks need private parking lots to operate. Working on public streets is possible in some locations, but the red tape associated with permits can be overwhelming.

Truck owners need permission to work on private property, so they are at the mercy of local businesses to allow them to open up shop. Sometimes these businesses want to wet their beak and ask the operators to pay a operations fee.

Inviting a food truck to your car wash can be mutually beneficial to you as well as the food truck.

How to market your car wash: Going Social

Many food trucks have loyal social media followers. Since the food trucks are constantly changing their location, loyal fans follow their favorite food trucks around town.

With a well-known food truck sitting in your parking lot, their customers become your potential clients. It won’t take long for customers to figure out it takes about 20 minutes to enjoy a “Super Supreme Kimchi Lobster Burrito” why not get my car washed at the same time?

Flash and Flare

Food trucks are wrapped with flashy colors and attractive banners to get people’s attention. Driving by the same car wash every day a potential customer can become numb to the same signs and marketing they see every day. The sudden appearance of a food truck will catch a customer’s eye and draw them in.

What’s that smell?

In addition to being flashy, food trucks emit smells that draw customers who can not even see them in. Commuters passing by your business can not help but be drawn in by the tantalizing smell of Mediterranean pizzas, or fresh pulled pork. Give your potential customers every reason to stop into your car wash.

Turn waiting for you car to be finished into a culinary wonderland. Get in touch with a local food truck vendor and watch customers flock to your car wash!