Marketing a business like a car wash seems fairly simple, yet rather complicated at the same time. There’s only one goal to set for yourself and that’s to find the right way to get customers to come to you. Once you’ve done that, the quality of your work will keep them coming back.

This may sound easy, but it takes a strategy that’s based on knowing what your customers want and what your business can deliver.

Develop a strategy

Promoting a business online isn’t something that can be done without a property strategy. There are a lot of competitors and the internet gives everyone pretty much an equal chance to shine. That’s why a company needs to set up a plan that deals with both the resources it has and the ways it’s going to promote itself.

For social media, the most important part of such a strategy is deciding how much and the kind of content are you going to share. This will also determine the manpower needed to accomplish your goals.

Offline and online marketing

It’s crucial for small businesses to connect their online and offline campaigns. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on how big of a social media following you have and how recently you’ve started the company. One of the most common tools is to provide codes and coupons that could be found online and redeemed in person, thus giving the clients an incentive to come to you.

It’s also important to use social media in a meaningful and useful way. It isn’t enough to just post updates and answer customer’s questions. Posts should provide actual insight that your customers could use. It may seem counterproductive to give advice on how to keep the car clean instead of asking people to come to you for that, but that’s how customer loyalty is built – by providing value.

Getting feedback

A social media campaign has one great advantage over all other channels of promotion and that is that it’s fairly easy to change and adapt if there’s need for this. It’s the most cost-effective way to market and you can respond to the demands of your clients as soon as you become aware of them. That’s why you should always look for feedback from your customers.

One of the ways to do this is to use media monitoring tools to understand how your followers respond to your content and what parts of it are driving traffic to your site and revenue to your business. This data should inform and shape your campaign.

Branching out

New social media sites are popping up almost every day and those that have been around for a while are changing all the time, with new trends and new ways they are being used. It presents a challenge for new and small businesses, to decide how they will use social media and what they are going to focus on the most.

The best way of approaching this is to start with something small, but to have a plan to branch out from day one. That will allow you to service the customers you have now, but to keep your eyes open for new prospects as well.


Young people watch online videos more than any other demographic. This is a phenomenon that goes beyond marketing and business promotion. News sites are also pivoting to video in order to accommodate the needs of their readers. This is something to have in mind if you want to attract younger clients to your business.

The videos most often come in the form of tutorials or how tos. These are relatively easy and cheap to make and they could really help you create a connection with your clients.

A distinctive style

In the end, it’s important to make your business stand out from all the competitors. This isn’t always easy to do because conveying what makes your business special can sometimes only be done by using your services. One of the ways you can go is to create a unique voice on social media and stick to it on all platforms and in all types of content.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with different forms and with different writers, but you need to create an aesthetic and promote it on all your social media channels.

Social media could help a great deal with promoting your car wash. It’s a type of business that benefits from having a constant stream of customers and social media could create this for you.