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As incredible as it feels in the hands, I’m eager to get a case for it.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a brick-and-mortar business, or you’re looking to eliminate the overhead of a physical location from you’re existing car wash, opening a mobile business might be for you. In this post we take a look at what you need to get your mobile car washing business off the ground the right way.

1) Look into zoning and permitting. Most states have rules when it comes to opening a physical location for your business. But you’d be surprised how much goes into a business without a location. Check with your local city and county boards to see what is required of a mobile business. Usually, if you’re washing cars on private property you’re in the clear. But some places will want permitting for mobile businesses all the same, even if it just means affixing a licensing sticker to your own vehicle while working.

2) Find the best mobile app. The whole point of a mobile car wash company is that it’s more convenient than swinging by a regular car wash for a clean. The mobile app your customers rely on should be just as easy to use. Look for a software developer who can make the scheduling and payment of mobile services easiest for both you and the client. While you shop around, ask potential developers if they can produce for multiple smart-phone platforms and ask to see examples of past apps they’ve developed.

3) Buy high quality products. You’ll need to rely on repeat business more than ever since potential clients won’t be driving by your brick-and-mortar location. With that in mind, invest in the right kind of products so that everyone you service has a good experience they want to repeat. Consider waterless products too. They’re good for the environment and can help you avoid run-off restrictions common in many states right now. And don’t forget good microfiber towels, none of those old rags.

4) Market, market, market. Use your personal vehicle as a mobile billboard. Have your car wrapped with the company logo and contact information so that while you’re driving around town servicing clients, people see you and remember you. It’s an easy way to get eyes on your business for free and from multiple places. And of course, take to social media and direct mail for promotions and a way to communicate directly to your customers.