Step one: Don’t read this on your phone if you’re working outside. Your hand should be inside a mitten.

Today, Professional Carwashing & Detailing published some tips for winter working safety, written by a representative of a work uniform supplier. Obviously she’s writing because she wants to influence you to buy lots of warm protective gear for your employees. But frankly, it’s not a bad idea, especially if you own a car wash in, I dunno, Fargo.

Some of her tips go a bit far, like this one: “Wraparound eye protection can also help preserve body heat. They can also help prevent eyes from drying out due to cold, dry air and wind.” Car wash worker goggles, anyone? But most are pretty good, especially the one about taking breaks. It’s not a bad idea to dash inside to warm up every 30-45 minutes.

Click here to read the rest of her suggestions.