quacksHere’s a sampling of the various news items we’ve seen this month, affecting the car wash industry. While the stories don’t necessarily merit an entire post to themselves, they are worth skimming. Enjoy January’s edition of In Brief.

Zips Car Wash bought its 45th car wash chain this month. The company now owns 60 different locations in various states. They have plans to continue their growth throughout 2017, although 2016 was a record in terms of acquisitions for the company.

A small town in Pennsylvania has enacted ordinances specifying how homeowners can wash cars in their own driveway. It prohibits the use of certain soaps that can wash off and infiltrate the local water supply. That could be good news for automatic car washes that are already following safe water practices.

And the owners of a car wash in a small Tennessee town have sold the business. Some were sad to see it go because it had become a fixture in the community with a reputation for family-friendly service. Many are happy then that the location was purchased by new owners who have reopened the business.

And a smaller car wash chain has opened its 13th location in North Carolina. Tidal Wave Car Wash already owns businesses in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. The newest location in Rocky Mount, North Carolina plans to hire between 12 and 14 employees. Congrats to them on the expansion!