These three car wash news briefs for January don’t necessarily merit a full blog post, but they’re certainly worthy of mention and your attention. All three come from car washes abroad this month.

In China, the owners of two competing car washes were caught on camera duking it out with each other using the best weapon at their disposal: high-pressured hoses. Witnesses said the fight began as a verbal argument over customers before each woman ended up soaked to the bone. It sounds like the brawl was quick, which is a good thing. The water was freezing and the outdoor temperatures were only in the 40s. Check out the video at UPI.com. 

And the owner of a car wash in London is headed to prison for gross negligence after The Times says one of his employees died while showering in a dilapidated outdoor facility at the car wash. The man was electrocuted and killed, according to the paper, while showering in a run down bathroom he and five other employees used as their personal facilities. The car wash owner is said to have paid the men wages and then deducted the exact amount so the men, who were all immigrants, could live in the housing he provided. He plead guilty to charges of what Britain officials likened to “modern-day slavery” and will be behind bars for four years.

Our last story comes from Kenya, where severe droughts have forced civilians to limit their personal water use. Despite the conditions, some car washes were still operating in full force, which led officials there to impose criminal sanctions on any operator caught using water. The Star reports that police plan to arrest roadside workers who defy the ban.