car-wash-2-300x232In case you missed it, we’ve compiled three news bites for the month of November that might have slipped under your radar. They’re not necessarily groundbreaking, but they are worth noting. Here’s what we have for this month:

Volvo is sweetening the deal for prospective customers looking to get in on more than just their luxury line of vehicles. Now, owners of two of their most high-end vehicles, the XC90 SUV and the S90 Sedan, can have a few major car services delivered to them on a whim. That will include, complimentary gas fill-ups, car washes and even tune ups at the shop. reported that Volvo put out a press release about the new offering this month. To see how it fares, they’re starting with a pilot program where about 300 customers in the San Francisco area will get to take advantage.

And in Marion, Illinois, Finish Line Car Wash celebrated its grand opening with a slew of offerings for its first customers.┬áCustomers could enter for a chance to win a year’s worth of free car washes on their website. And even if they didn’t win, they’d still get to take advantage of their daily offerings of free vacuums, towels, mat cleaners and all purpose cleaners. Not bad, right? This is the company’s fifth location in Marion, according to a press release from the company.

Plus, Surf Thru Express Car Wash held a unique fundraiser in Visalia, California. The car wash there held a food drive, soliciting canned goods from customers in exchange for a free car wash. Now that’s a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving.