Here’s a sampling of car-wash related news from around the world this month.


The family washes an officer’s car during a fundraiser.

A family from Calumet City, Illinois held a car wash this month to raise money to help them move. reports that the mother, who identifies as African American, and her eight children were holding the fundraiser when a police officer stopped for a wash. Both the cop and the single mother said the interaction was a powerful one given racial tensions in the country, and an opportunity to show the children that cops can be trusted.

And a minivan crashed through a car wash in West Fargo, North Dakota over the weekend. reports that the vehicle malfunctioned and the driver lost control, smashing through the brick wall of the car wash. The driver had minor injuries, but officers aren’t sure why the minivan malfunctioned.

A man in Canada was nominated for a conservation award by his city government after he devised a way to use rain water to wash his car. Rather than using fresh water from the hose, the man collected rain water in a barrel then hooked up a hose and pump to wash his vehicle directly from the barrel. The CBC reported his story.

Plus ABC30 reports that a thief was caught on camera at a car wash in Fresno, California after taking about $500 from a coin machine.